weapons of mass creation



My friend Cat introduced me to these two images. I’m not sure who they belong to so please don’t get me into any trouble. I just admire them and what they stand for. And it’s suitable as today is my day to bake…yup…that’s right. BAKE. I’ve been meddling about in the kitchen trying my best at producing gluten free cookies with the help of a variety of different sources, the main one being this site…Gluten Free Girl and the Chef
In her Christmas cookies section, she gives a recipe for all-purpose gluten free flour. I was game and so I headed off to Bulk Barn (infamous chain of bulk EVERYTHING including gluten free flour substitutes). I made a batch of the flour and headed home to meet up with my friend Ariane Lemire (musician extraordinaire and very dear friend) to make some gluten free fare. P.S. Check out Ariane’s website for videos and info!  Photos and recipes following shortly.  I have to clean up my mess first!


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