Leaving Facebook…hello Blogging

So I’m making the great leap away from Facebook.  And into my blog.  I’ll be posting everything here.  From pictures of travels, to articles of interest,  my art, and my life in general.  I realized that Facebook with all it’s glamour was only making my social interactions with people MORE difficult…ie….you already supposedly know everything about them due to facebook so what can you really ask them?  How real are these “real” interactions outside of facebook?  And…how many of those supposed friends really want to know anything other than your surface value….your PERSONA.


  1. The aspect of someone’s character that is presented to or perceived by others.
  2. A role or character adopted by an author or an actor.

And ultimately, I asked myself…what was facebook doing for me?  I have to admit, it did connect me with long lost friends and families, BUT I also realized that many of those connections were not real….and that I wasn’t allowing for certain people to fade away in the natural progression of things….holding on to a a non-reality.  Perhaps I’m taking giant steps back from the modern social realm, yet at the same time, with each step I take towards removing my persona from Facebook, I have high hopes and wonderful feelings that I’m going to discover some real and lasting interactions with people I might have otherwise never discovered.  And that to me is really important.  Also, who can’t admit that Facebook is the most useless time suck??

I also recently started using my typewriter….and I like it a lot more than a computer….and so I’m going to start writing again….if anything the postal workers will appreciate my efforts!

I will be adding a link to my permanent art website shortly, but in the meantime….here’s a little inspiration.


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