When I have a house of my own, I’m inviting them over

I spent a lot of time traveling.  I’m not going to spend hours bragging about this.  While traveling I had the opportunity to stumble across some amazing street art.  But I never stumbled on anything quite like the work of John Grider.  And now, I’m even more pleased to find out that he is collaborating with Mike Fitzsimmons as a collaboration called BROKENCROW.    I discovered Grider’s work online when I was stumbling around Asia…..when I had the chance to see his work live and in person in MNPLS  it was brilliant.  Now he is a they and oh GOLLY they make the street art around here look like a pile of crap. Yup…a pile of crap.   I’m not gonna color it any different.  Take a look.

You can see for yourself —-> brokencrow

You can read for yourself —-> brokencrowblog


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