this man’s a mapping savant!

A long while back I had come across something magical.  A cartographer’s dream.  And then I forgot.

Until the other day when I was looking for a road map.  The name of the photographer had been on the tip of my tongue until I finally just gave up on my mind’s ability to remember and did an extremely intensive google search.

The result ……Erik Fischer.

Now we have all seen those maps of traffic activity and photographic activity  but to be honest….those images just aren’t very fetching.  And we must have fetching images.

Fischer came up with the brilliant idea to use the geotags of photos uploaded to Flickr and Picasa, creating maps of 50 different cities around the world.

I’ll take an enormous print of each, please.

San Francisco

New York

My personal favorite….London

For these two Fischer MAGICALLY managed to produce maps that showed which images were taken by tourists and which were taken by locals.  I would really like to know how.  Are there tracking devices on cameras now?  Does he have access to the FBI database?  Hidden video recorders?  I wouldn’t think that he would sit for hours perusing through photographs making the distinction between the two groups…..would he?

New York

San Francisco

And then, to top it all off, he produced this next series.

These maps actually show the spread of Flickr and Twitter around the globe.  Flickr is in orange.  Twitter is Blue  These are not images taken from space.  Don’t be fooled.


United States

San Francisco

New York


These are just a few images.  To really have yourself a good oooh and ahhhh ….

locals and tourists 

geo taggers world atlas 

racial segregation in cities


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