This takes that to a whole new level

There’s something to be said about exploring a city surface with a map.  And there’s even more to be said about getting to know cities a bit further….meaning breaking in.  When I lived in Seattle a long long time ago, I knew some kids that were adventuring into the city beneath the city….read about it here (thanks Jessica Amanda Salmonson)

Because of those stories, I adventured.  I slept in places I should never have slept in New Orleans….I busted into some old warehouses in Milwaukee, an abandoned flat in London (needlessly scaring squatters…sorry folks!), ventured into the steam tunnels at Washington State University, scramblin around and emerging in completely unexpected places…..I even broke into an abandoned shopping mall in Taichung City…but this takes that to a whole new level.  Bravo to these brave folks and their video cameras.  Bravo to scramblin!!


One comment on “This takes that to a whole new level

  1. mobius faith says:

    Great documentary vids. Love love love urbex. I’ve done my share of urbex mostly abandoned locations. Thanks for sharing.

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