After my reverie I was greeted by this

Image by Leif Podhajsky/Original band photo by David Belisle

I am truly amazed by this album.  I’m only on track 2 of Shabazz Palaces album Black Up.  It came out a bit ago.  June, 2011.

How’d this happen?

This morning I started searching Digable Planets on google.  I was missing that smooth feeling from their second albumb Blow Out Comb.

Who can forget this track —–> Rebirth of Slick <——-

It was 1994.  I was 19.  I had left my home town of 1,093 people and stepped out.  My mind was blown open by hip hop.  All was well.

And then.  Lo and behold.

After my reverie I was greeted by this ——> this is gooooood <——–So good.

And this too.   Heck try this after that

Listen to the whole damn thing!  (and sign up to grooveshark already).

Don’t get scared by it.  There’s nothing like it right now.  Let it play out.

dance/move/bob and weave/lay on the floor/chill/get up and dance some more

A short film for grit.

A video

And how it’s done LIVE (VIA KEXP/SEATTLE)


One comment on “After my reverie I was greeted by this

  1. mobius faith says:

    Great find. Thanks for posting.

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