sous rature I / revisited * thanks mobius faith

sous rature I / revisited * thanks mobius faith

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And then, there are the horses.

Horses and typewriters.  To say both of these words in the same sentence gives me a thrill.  Because I love them both.  I have dreams of owning a horse someday and will stop on the side of the road to sweet talk and pet any horse that will allow me to.  I collect typewriters.  I love old abandoned pianos.  The list could go on.

So when I stumbled onto the work of Andre Petterson, my jaw dropped.  It was as if I had stepped into a dream made just for me.  But I’m sure that’s not the case.  I’m not the one and only admirer.

Andre Petterson combines photography and painting to create some powerfully original and archetypal images.  His ability to produce images of such high contrast and dynamic compositions is impressive.  And you don’t feel like he’s cheated by mixing the two.

Man made objects such as bicycles, typewriters and fans unravel and spit out whips of paint, lines that build upon lines forming nest-like masses that hover above like spectres.  You believe that he has learned how to stop time.

And then, there are the horses.

Though I missed this show, read what Alissa Sexton, from Bau-Xi gallery in Vancouver, had to say —-> here

Kent Williams

I have become an avid fan of  booooooom

Thanks to this fantastic site I have also become a fan of Kent Williams.  His ability to produce such detailed and weighty figures is remarkable, even more so given that they are placed in a dreamscape of rich color and texture…you wonder  how gravity works it’s magic in such a space…..even Rubens would be impressed.

Here —–>  his site  <—–