cold january afternoon

cold january afternoon

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Winter? Where? The beautiful photography of Daniel Korzhonov

Even before I moved here, the reputation of Canada’s winter preceded my experience with descriptions that teetered on a doom-like cliff of never-ending, bone cracking, ever darkening cold.  I thought I was tough.  I had handled cold blowing in from Lake Michigan to sweep across Wisconsin to my small hometown.  I had experienced the cold of Valparaiso, Indiana, it too an exposed arm for the winds of Lake Michigan to numb.  I had even experienced the windy winter on the Palouse in Idaho and its strange, other-worldly treeless landscape and never-ending frozen rolling fields of winter’s wheat.  Not to mention traveling across the states being chased by several blizzards which landed me exhausted with caffeine shakes and clenched steering wheel fingers in the strangest of places… a Denny’s at 3 a.m. in Fargo, Minnesota.  It exists.  And the movie does it absolute justice.

The descriptions have been right for the past 3 years.  But…..

Oddly, this winter, on the infamous Albertan prairies….well, winter just hasn’t come round to call.  Of course we’ve dipped into the frighteningly low range temperatures like -35 C and then add the wind chill and you get a lovely -40 C – ish feel. Yet the temperatures have vacillated wildly….heading up to a balmy +8 on Christmas Day and just this past week, in February…+6.  Drizzles of rain. Even lightning and thunder!!   And now, as I write this, it’s diving down again to reach a low of -30 C.  Last year at this time there were drifts well above 6 feet high and the sidewalks were flanked by impenetrable walls of snow that contained incredible snow forts and plenty of fun.  The ground is bare, brown and bereft of snow.  I’m not really sure what’s happening.

And then, the news of the weather across Europe.  And so, curiosity and a quest for nerdy knowledge took me traipsing across the internet in search of winter.  Because, oddly…I really miss her beauty.  So here’s a dose.  This is the work of the ever brilliant photographer Daniel Korzhonov.  These photos were taken in The Republic of Crimea…a part of Ukraine.  It lies on a peninsula stretching out from the south of Ukraine between the Black Sea and the Sea of Azov. 

in the dead of winter

here there has been very little snow. a brown christmas. an even browner start of january.  the fear of farmers…their perennial crops of winter wheat and feed.  snow is a necessity…a blanket to protect the barely under ground tenders.  a drive out to the country side last weekend made me realize that even the surrounding areas of flat prairie were monochrome swathes of brown, grey and a mix of in between.  it was only in the scattered islands of poplar and birch trees huddled together that snow could be held captive.  away from the sun.  dry as a bone.

but today…it’s snowing.  and this makes me very happy.  i can’t wait to wake up tomorrow morning and see how brilliant everything will look….a nice change.

nicholas lorden

found:  via LUCISMOS

nicholas lorden